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Stephen Curry’s injury is similar to a sprained left foot

Stephen Curry Injuries

The Warriors’ star point guard is reportedly suffering from an injury similar to a sprained left foot. While he was able to limp out of the TD Garden on Thursday night, he will likely be sidelined until the start of the postseason. The Warriors will need Curry’s help to lock down their first round seeding in the playoffs.

Curry’s injury is similar to a sprained left foot

Stephen Curry’s left foot has been ruled out for at least three weeks. Curry will be out until his foot is ready to perform at an optimal level. The Golden State Warriors need their star to play at his best. He is a pivotal part of their offense, moving off the ball to create space for shots. The Warriors’ injury is a huge blow to their chances of winning the NBA championship this season.

Curry’s foot was sprained after he was struck by a Boston guard while diving for a loose ball. X-rays revealed that Curry’s injury was not a serious fracture. Nonetheless, the injury is not something that can be ignored for long. It is very sensitive, and if left untreated, it can lead to long-term health issues.

He limped out of the TD Garden with a limp

Stephen Curry’s limp was noticeable as he left the TD Garden on Wednesday night after sustaining a foot injury in the fourth quarter. During a wild scramble for the ball, Curry was knocked to the floor by Celtics big man Al Horford, who landed on Curry’s lower left leg. He immediately cried out in pain and came to his feet with a limp. This is the second time this season that Curry has suffered an injury in the same way. Earlier in the season, he had a foot sprain that kept him out of the final 12 games of the regular season.

This season’s NBA Finals averaged more than 15 million viewers. The 2022 series has no chance of catching up to this number. The Warriors are now 11-2, and it’s hard to count them out. It’s not a good time to bet against the Warriors, but they’ve shown they can win the championship this year. If the Warriors can pull off another win in Boston, they’ll have a chance of capturing their fourth championship in 10 years.

He could be sidelined until the start of the playoffs

The Warriors are currently in a tight seeding race, and without Curry, they could fall out of the top five. The Jazz and the Utah Jazz are just 2.5 games behind the Warriors for the third seed, but they could overtake the Warriors if Curry is out for two or three weeks. The Warriors have a strong start to the season, but without Curry, the rest of their team could struggle to keep up with the Jazz and Mavericks.

There has been no official announcement from the Warriors on when Curry might return. However, Curry’s injury may sideline him for another three to four weeks. The Warriors have just welcomed back Draymond Green from an injury, and a prolonged absence from Curry could complicate an already difficult season for them.

Green is concerned about Curry’s status

Draymond Green has been concerned about Stephen Curry’s injury status and is not sure when he will be able to return. The injury is not considered season-threatening, but Green hasn’t played in nine games, and hasn’t played in six of the last nine. Green missed his team’s last four games, including the one against the Indiana Pacers, where the Warriors were down four starters.

Green isn’t the only one concerned about Curry’s health. His teammates are, too. The Warriors’ star has had two season-ending injuries. He’s missed 176 games during the regular season and two Play-In Tournament games. He was also limited to seven minutes of his NBA debut. The two previous injuries he sustained were to his left ACL and Achilles tendon, and both injuries required him to miss 31 games during the regular season.

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